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Because Every Child Needs Support

Adequate child support can mean the difference between a child going hungry or participating in a sport. Carmichael Family Law is here to make sure your child receives a fair child support award, so that you can continue to provide your child with everything he or she needs to thrive.


Establishing Child Support

Child support isn't just about money. It is about providing for your child. If you aren't living with your child's other parent and he or she isn't contributing to your child's care, Carmichael Family Law can help you ask the court to order child support. Child support may also be available to relatives caring for a child whose parent(s) aren't contributing to their child's care.

Child Support Enforcement

Getting a judge to order child support doesn't automatically mean the parent will pay. If your child hasn't been receiving the child support he or she is entitled to, we can help you get your child support order enforced.

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